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Rose Gold Co.

Crystal Stratford



interactive space

In partnership with Rose Gold Co., we set out to set up an event that would bring women ( especially women of color) together in a safe space to close out women's history month. This event also included a pop-up market of women owned, local brands, a panel of women of colors who are involved with or owners businesses. I worked with Rose Gold directly to concept an inviting and "Instagram-able" space. I then mocked-up the space for the planners/producers and I designed an open/closed sign, "drop a note" sign and the actual title sign that covers the entire glass windows. 


Crystal Stratford



- Space 

Adidas approached us with the request to partner up for a Women's History Month celebratory panel to discuss women in the workplace and how to overcome adversity while also promoting their upcoming campaign. I worked with our contact at Adidas to create a multi-dimensional backdrop for the panel to talk in front of. The concept for the space was imagined, planned and executed in only 5 hours with very limited supplies. 

Demetrius x Center for Retail Leadership

Crystal Stratford

crystal stratford.JPG

" Why Not Me? "

- An Interactive Space

As the Art Director for PSU's Center for Retail Leadership, I was given the task of imagining up a cool space for students to interact with a brand and learn about the 'cooler' aspects of the reatail industry. I also designed all of the promotion pieces such as posters, handouts, take-aways and signs.  What we came up with was called "Why Not Me", an interactive exhibit which resulted from a partnership between local artist Demetrius Mensah the Center for Retail Leadership program. We transformed a small room in the atrium of PSU's newest building, the Karl Miller Center, into the artist's studio where student were encouraged to go inside the space and hangout with the artist. Students were encouraged to share their stories, about times where the rose up in the face of challenges, in order earn the chance to win a piece from the artist. The walls were covered from top to bottom in the artist's original sketches of various projects from the past, as well as current show projects hanging from the ceiling and a video loop of the artist's current projects. On the outside of the window we placed a timeline so that student could learn about the artist's history on a deeper level.