Thanks for reaching out to me. I appreciate you. I appreciate you sooo much that I will get back to you the moment I see your email. Because that's who I am. Responsive. I'm not the type to see your text and then wait a few hours to keep a cool demeanor. That's not me. I text back. Immediately. Because getting back to you is more important than feeling cool.  


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Crystal Stratford

[ SOUND ON ] #Whoiscrs , a short film by yours truly. Full version premiering v soon

[ directed, shot and edited by @vie_roccaforte ] 

My hope for this video is to introduce to myself, who I am as a person as well as who I am as an art director. A lot of people in the [advertising + creative] make a video that’s literally all about themselves like… “look at me, i’m so cool” blah blah blah, I hope this partnership [With Victoria Roccaforte] brings a legitimate piece of art that adds some charm, beauty and character to the world - and is not just another self serving video. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 

WEDDING CRASHER for Suitecase Laundry

Crystal Stratford

I came to photographer Meghan Farrell with the concept to create this Mini Series, Wedding Crasher. I created mood boards, styling guidelines, directed the makeup and created shot-lists to help with execution. 


Crystal Stratford

The Bonafide Rebellion is an online community for young creative to learn about the lifestyles less often traveled. The brand wanted to get more authentic and loyal viewers. I came up with the concept to collect the collaborative effort of 14 people, to capture a video that embodies the rebellious and degenerate spirit of youth. 

For this project, I created the brief, production outline, shotlist, color / style mood-boards, music guides, and production style mood-boards.


Crystal Stratford

When I get an idea stuck in my head - I can't get it out until I make something of it. I'm so tenacious, that sometimes, it takes learning entirely new programs and morphing different mediums from analog to digital - but a girls gunna do what she has to for documentation of her travels .