Thanks for reaching out to me. I appreciate you. I appreciate you sooo much that I will get back to you the moment I see your email. Because that's who I am. Responsive. I'm not the type to see your text and then wait a few hours to keep a cool demeanor. That's not me. I text back. Immediately. Because getting back to you is more important than feeling cool.  


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Hey, You!



My name is Crystal, and I'm on a life-long mission to learn and make new, beautiful things. I currently reside in Portland, studying all things interesting and growing my portfolio as much as I can. I have a passion for creating authentic experiences, giving brands a voice and creating charming content that stirs interest. I also really like octopuses, Tim Burton, travelling and most currently have and obsession with giant squid (they're real, I swear).


for creative services email me @ crissy.strfd@gmail.com