Thanks for reaching out to me. I appreciate you. I appreciate you sooo much that I will get back to you the moment I see your email. Because that's who I am. Responsive. I'm not the type to see your text and then wait a few hours to keep a cool demeanor. That's not me. I text back. Immediately. Because getting back to you is more important than feeling cool.  


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Crystal Stratford

MJ came to be about six months ago in need of differentiating herself from other Portland hair stylists. She wanted to create, engage the foster her clients and community by the experience that it is to have your hair done by her. Since she hired me, I have created an array of social media content, and most recently a set of business cards that raises the bar for all hairdressers. These cards have been flying like pancakes since they were first released and are currently circulating on social media and randomly, Nike campus.  

hbhycards mockup copy.png