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Crystal Stratford


Show That Skin Off

a campaign

OBJECTIVE: Mudhii is a from-home-retailer who needed help launching her skin-care brand while still being able to maintain supply. (Her brand was E-commerce based) Our objective was to create brand awareness that lasts. 

INSIGHT: People want to look as young as they feel inside. They don't want to let their skin age ahead of them. Tihli gives you the natural and traditional ingredients of Berber skincare that will allow your skincare to radiate your inner age. 

IDEA: We proposed an integrated brand promotion campaign, "Show That Skin Off", that encourages people of all ages, colors, genders, and orientations to be proud of their natural beauty and compliment it by using Tihli's all-natural products. Elements of the campaign included: Sheet Masks for sampling, Indoor and outdoor pop-up shops of various sizes, locations and experiences, Packaging design, Influencer partnerships, sponsored Instagram ads, and sponsored Facebook ads.



Crystal Stratford


a campaign

OBJECTIVE: To get a large and diverse group of Spring 2018 applicants for PSU's student lead ad agency; FIR NW. 

INSIGHT:  Portland is one of the whitest and non-diverse cities in the country and PSU is hardly anymore diverse. If we want a diverse community to grow together, healthy conversations and communication is the first step.

IDEA: Through the "Better Together" campaign we took from items of pop-culture from various groups to reach them directly and (hopefully) start a healthy and inviting conversation between these groups. Elements of the campaign included: Printed posters, Instagram Posts and stories as well as Snapchat